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Organic Maternity Pads.

Organic Maternity Pads.

Superior Organic Maternity Pads, designed especially for maternity use of new mums who value sustainability and comfort in the sensitive postpartum phase. These pregnancy pads are made with a combination of natural and organic ingredients that are gentle on the environment while giving you absorption superpowers and keeping your well-being in mind.

  • 60 Super Absorbant Maternity Pads
  • 🙌 No Rashes. No Allergies
  • No Chemicals. No Plastics
  • ☁️ Safe for Stitches - Non-woven Upper Layer
  • 🌿 Organic. Biodegradable

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Maternity Pads for Rash-free, Leak-free Post Partum recovery

Superior Organic Maternity Pads, designed especially for maternity use of new mums who value sustainability and comfort in the sensitive postpartum phase. These pregnancy pads are made with a combination of natural and organic ingredients that are gentle on the environment while giving you absorption superpowers and keeping your well-being in mind.

Get 60 pads to last the post-partum period. Spirit Pads offer the perfect solution and deliver numerous benefits that enhance your heavy-period experience.

Spirit Maternity Pads - the best maternity pads for post-partum use.

Important characteristics:

Natural and Organic
Spirit maternity pads are crafted from natural and organic materials - bamboo fibre, corn plastic and organic cotton. Provide mums who care about the environment, with a healthy substitute. Your skin is only in contact with the finest components, which guarantees a better postpartum period experience.

XXL Maternity Pads with Unparalleled absorbency

Absorbs a massive 150 ml, which is 40% more than regular supermarket period pads, offering ultimate protection during the heavy discharge after the delivery. Super-sized, ultra-thin & extra-large wings means there is no leakage when you overstay in your pad during the busy 1st few weeks. Sleep, if you want to, no waking up just to change the pad.

Non-woven, Super soft outer layer

Your gentle skin comes in contact with non-woven organic cotton layer, which will not interfere in the healing of stitches and wounds down there. Perforations allow air circulation for breathability, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable.

Hypoallergenic and rash-free period pads

Bamboo fibre is naturally hypoallergenic, providing a gentle, rash-free experience for sensitive skin.

Plastic and chemical-free maternity pads

Free from plastic and toxic chemicals, promoting a healthier and eco-friendly postpartum care routine.

Biodegradable & Sustainable packaging

90% biodegradability rate reduces environmental impact. Unbleached paper package and 100% recyclable box reflect our commitment to reducing waste and preserving the environment.

Certified for safe use

Approved by FDA, FSC, and 100 OEKO TEX, ensuring reliability and quality.

Bamboo is better!

A bit about Bamboo Fibre, known for its superior absorbency, surpasses cotton by 40%, while its hypoallergenic nature ensures a rash-free experience for sensitive skin. What's more, it is a sustainable and renewable resource, requiring less water than other natural materials.

Spirit Pads are the perfect choice for reliable protection during maternity use.

What you will get -

Each box of Spirit Pads contains 40 individually wrapped Disposable Maternity Pad Napkins, offering you the ultimate convenience and peace of mind. Experience the difference for yourself and embrace a new era of period care with Spirit Organic Disposable Maternity Pads.

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Why are Maternity Pads used?

Maternity pads, also known as postpartum pads, are sanitary pads designed specifically for women post-childbirth. They are used to manage the heavy bleeding and discharge that occurs after childbirth. The bleeding, also known as lochia, is a normal part of the post-childbirth recovery process and can last up to 6-8 weeks.

How are Maternity Pads different from regular Sanitary Pads?

Maternity Pads are quite different from regular pads in the following ways -

  • Larger and more absorbent than regular sanitary pads.
  • Non-woven upper layer without getting entangled in the stitches, if any.
  • Soft and comfortable, as your vaginal area may be sore and sensitive after childbirth.
  • Extra Large, more sticky than usual sanitary pads, generous size wings.

What Maternity Pad should I use?

Use Spirit Maternity Pads because they are -

  • Ultra-thin and natural
  • Non-woven upper layer
  • No Plastics, chemicals or other nasties
  • Are rash-free and allergy-free
  • Highly Absorbent and super soft.

Can Maternity Pads cause itching?

Maternity Pads should not cause itching. To reduce the chance of causing itch, rash or allergy, it is important to change pads every 4-6 hours or when full.

Choose natural pads like Spirit Maternity Pads that do not contain toxic and carcinogenic chemicals or plastics. This is to minimise the likelihood of itch, rashes and allergies.

When and how long to use Maternity Pads?

Maternity Pads are to be used just after the delivery/childbirth. The bleeding and discharge can happen up to 6-8 weeks after the birth. For some complicated deliveries, it might be longer. The discharge is heavier immediately after the labour and becomes lighter as recovery happens.

We send you 60 maternity pads that last you most of the port-partum recovery period but if you fall short at the tail end, just buy Spirit Heavy Period Pads and they should do the trick.

Check out our detailed blog on Maternity Pads for more information.

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We also offer a 30-day return policy. If you would like to return your UNOPENED item within 30 days of purchase, you are eligible for are refund. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept opened boxes for refund. Please read our refund policy here for more details.

Giving Back

With every purchase you make, you are helping struggling women receive sanitary care products through our charity involvements with -

  • The Nurtured Village - donate period products for a part of the sale.
  • Share the Dignity - we match sales with donations.
  • Support female education in India and other developing countries.
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    Switch to Spirit Eco Health and don't wait a lifetime for a worry-free period experience. No leaks, accidents, cramps and constant pad changes. Our maternity pads are a loving embrace for your special journey.


    With us, you're extending a hand of hope to local charities like Nurturing Village & Share the Dignity alongside supporting feminine hygiene initiatives in rural India. Your choice makes a world of difference!


    When you choose Spirit Eco Health, you're not just making a purchase - like an eco-hero you're making a meaningful contribution to a greener, healthier, waste-free mother earth.