About Us

Welcome to Spirit Eco Health

As you explore our website, I want to share with you the story behind this personal initiative of mine and the passion that drives our mission.
It all started during the challenging times of the Covid pandemic, I found myself in India for family reasons and had to witness the dire effects it had on women – domestic violence, financial dependence, and emotional abuse. It was a wake-up call that inspired me to take action.

Thus, Spirit Eco Health came into being, with a clear mission in mind to create something that would help women help women.

Spirit Eco Health brings organic Sanitary Pads and other period products for Aussie women with heavy periods and recognizing their unique needs without causing harm to our beautiful planet. My dream is to provide organic sanitary products to Australian women, thus reducing the load of sanitary waste going into landfill while working towards creating self-sustaining model to work off-grid sometime in near future. All this to fund the donations, hygiene awareness campaigns and supporting the resources for school & education of underprivileged girls in rural India.
Each product you find here is thoughtfully chosen to be organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly, reflecting our commitment to your well-being and that of the environment. 

Giving Back to Community

We're excited to share the meaningful initiatives we are currently supporting through your generous contributions:

 Share the Dignity Australia

    • For every 5 packs sold on our website, we are committed to donating 1 pack through a special partnership with Share the Dignity Australia.
    • You now have the opportunity to purchase sanitary pads for donation at a discounted price of $5.
    • These purchased items won't be shipped to you but will be directly donated to Share the Dignity bins.
    • We'll provide you with a monthly report on the impact of your contributions.


The Nurturing Village Australia

    • We are dedicated to supporting struggling mothers by donating essential sanitary, caregiver, and post-partum products.
    • Your support ensures that these mothers don't have to go without necessary items while caring for their children and babies.

                     Donating sanitary pads to The Nurturing Village by Spirit Eco Health

Sarv Sewa Trust India

    • Your contributions are making a significant impact in India, where we fund education workshops on sustainable living in urban areas and period care in underprivileged regions.
    • We actively participate in and fund empowerment workshops for girls and women.
    • Additionally, we provide sanitary pads and other essential care products to those who may not have the means to afford them.

               Group of girls in rural India holding Spirit Sanitary Pads  

This village Jakhdhar is about 86 kms above the nearest town in Northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. Situated among the hills of lower Himalayas, access is tough and health care even harder. It was delight speaking to girls in local school about sanitary care and remote educational facilities they can access for free.

Group of women listening to sanitary care awareness talk from Spirit eco health

This was a local sewing training centre, which helps women become skilled in sewing and embroidery. There is dearth of resources but full of spirit and enthusiasm. 

Your support is truly making a difference in the lives of those in need, and we are grateful for your continued compassion and commitment to these vital causes. Together, we are creating positive change and fostering a better future for communities around the world. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.


This is a school which had just opened after their long winter vacations and we had already started seeing girls miss school due to non-availability of sanitary pads. We decided to intervene early in the school session, so girls can have smooth sailing all along.