Collection: Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care products to fight Period Pimples and Dull Skin.

Periods dull your spark and the skin. Then, there are acne and breakouts to spoil the show. With Spirit Eco Health's flair of affordable natural skin care products, get your sparkle back. Our Pimple Cream and Beauty face mask works in tandem to get your mojo back, well, at least on your face. Made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, no side effects and super luxurious feel. 

Our Acne Cream works on pimple scars as it fights the period acne, so will not leave a bad after-taste on your face long after pimples are gone. Beauty face mask works from within to clear out the oily and clogged pores to prevent period acne.

Start treatment a week before periods to prevent acne or use it throughout the month for sure shot results.