Collection: Heavy Period Products

Organic and Natural Heavy Period Products for Heavy Flow and Painful Periods

If you flow like a tap, you need sanitary pads that collect like a bucket. We have everything you will need to manage heavy and painful periods, and would you believe it! it is all organic and natural. The challenge of heavy periods, period pain, cramps & rashes are easier spoken than experienced.

All our products are effective, practical & eco-friendly and tested.  Shop now for XXXL period pads, all-natural pain balm, specially made for period cramps and comforting heat packs for period pain relief. 

If you are looking for a period package to gift to that special someone, who is in pain many days a month, we have self-care hampers to make it special for her and easier for you to make your way into her heart. 

Shop now and find your period peace sooner!