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Organic Sanitary Pads Donations to Share the Dignity

Organic Sanitary Pads Donations to Share the Dignity

Experience rash-free, leak-free heavy periods with Spirit Period Pads. Change your pads less often and feel confident going about your day, inspite of your heavy flow. Spirit organic bamboo sanitary pads are designed for heavy and painful periods. These all natural, super-sized, maxi pads are free from all nasties. Shipped from Gold Coast, choose the ethically, morally and environment friendly period pad.

  • 7 Layers of Super absorption
  • 🌿 Natural and Orgnaic
  • ☁️ Non Carcinogenic
  • 🙌 XXXL 350mm Size
  • You Buy We Donate

Proudly Support Share the Dignity and The Nurturing Village Charities

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Sanitary Pads for Rash-free, Leak-free Periods

Spirit Sanitary Pads are specially designed for challenging, heavy and painful periods. Periods can be heavy due to medical reasons like Endometriosis, PCOS, hormonal changes, fibroids, menopause, postpartum maternity use or for general genetic reasons. Spirit Pads offer the perfect solution and deliver numerous benefits that enhance your heavy period experience. See our reviews below!!

This is the best period product for heavy and ultra heavy periods!

Why are Spirit Period Pads a Perfect Choice

  • Period Pads with Unparalleled absorbency - Provide a massive 150 ml absorbency, which is 40% more than regular supermarket period pads, offering ultimate protection during heavy flows.
  • Maxi Pads and super-sticky adhesive - Extra-large size and super-sticky adhesive ensure a secure and comfortable fit throughout the day, even during demanding periods.
  • All-natural materials - Crafted from bamboo fiber, corn plastic, and organic cotton for a comfortable, eco-friendly period experience.
  • Hypoallergenic and rash-free period pads - Bamboo fiber is naturally hypoallergenic, providing a gentle, rash-free experience for sensitive skin.
  • Super soft outer layer - The super soft outer layer feels gentle against your skin, enhancing overall comfort.
  • Super-sized Maxi pads - Ultra-thin & extra-large wings. Ultra-thin design combined with extra-large wings offers maximum coverage and protection against leaks.
  • No plastic or chemicals - Free from plastic and toxic chemicals, promoting a healthier and eco-friendly period care routine.
  • Perforations for air circulation - Perforations allow air circulation for breathability, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable.
  • Suitable for various needs - Ideal for maternity support, overnight protection, and sports activities.
  • Biodegradable - 90% biodegradability rate reduces environmental impact.
  • Certified for safe use - Approved by FDA, FSC, and 100 OEKO TEX, ensuring reliability and quality.
  • Sustainable packaging - unbleached paper package and 100% recyclable box reflect our commitment to reducing waste and preserving the environment.

Bamboo is better!

A bit about Bamboo Fibre, known for its superior absorbency, surpasses cotton by 40%, while its hypoallergenic nature ensures a rash-free experience for sensitive skin. What's more, it is a sustainable and renewable resource, requiring less water than other natural materials.

Whether you're seeking reliable protection during heavy flows, need maternity support, or desire comfort during nighttime or sports activities, Spirit Pads are the perfect choice.

What you will get -

Each box of Spirit Pads contains 10 individually wrapped Disposable Sanitary Napkins, offering you the ultimate convenience and peace of mind. Experience the difference for yourself and embrace a new era of period care with Spirit Organic Disposable Sanitary Pads.

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Check out our blog to understand the ins and outs of sanitary pads and why should you switch to organic pads.


How are Spirit Sanitary Pads different from other supermarket pads?

Supermarket sanitary pads are up to 90% plastics and chemicals, while Spirit pads are made from natural Bamboo fibre, organic cotton and corn plastic, without using any toxic chemicals and plastics.

Spirit Pads are also one of the longest and most absorbing pads you can find in any supermarket in Australia.

Which Sanitary Pads are safe to use?

Read on this blog to find out what to look for in a sanitary pad for safe use.

Do Spirit Sanitary Pads cause Cancer?

Spirit Sanitary Pads do not have the toxic cocktail of odour-suppressing chemicals and plastic that are suspected to be carcinogenic. We use the natural power of Bamboo fibre to offer a better product than the popular chemicals-laden feminine hygiene products.

Can Sanitary Pads cause UTI?

Find out if and how sanitary pads contribute in causing UTI

Are Spirit Sanitary Pads Sterile?

Spirit Sanitary Pads are untouched by hand and are individually wrapped in sterile layer of corn plastic covers.

How to dispose of Spirit Sanitary Pads?

Spirit Pads should be wrapped in corn plastic cover and put in the normal council-supplied garbage bin. Read on to find out how to ensure that Spirit Sanitary Pads biodegrade naturally.

How do Spirit Sanitary Pads degrade naturally?

Spirit Sanitary Pads are 90% biodegradable in commercial facilities. They can be composted at home and 90% of it will vanish in the soil between 6-8 months. This depends on the microbes in the soil and the weather around. This is in contrast of Plastic sanitary pads which take 800 yrs to degrade naturally.

Shipping & Returns

Orders over $45.50 receive free tracked shipping.

We also offer a 30-day return policy. If you would like to return your UNOPENED item within 30 days of purchase, you are eligible for are refund. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept opened boxes for refund. Please read our refund policy here for more details.

Giving Back

With every purchase you make, you are helping struggling women receive sanitary care products through our charity involvements with -

  • The Nurtured Village - donate period products for a part of the sale.
  • Share the Dignity - we match sales with donations.
  • Support female education in India and other developing countries.
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    Switch to Spirit Eco Health and don't wait a lifetime for a worry-free period experience. No leaks, accidents, cramps and constant pad changes. Our maternity pads are a loving embrace for your special journey.


    With us, you're extending a hand of hope to local charities like Nurturing Village & Share the Dignity alongside supporting feminine hygiene initiatives in rural India. Your choice makes a world of difference!


    When you choose Spirit Eco Health, you're not just making a purchase - like an eco-hero you're making a meaningful contribution to a greener, healthier, waste-free mother earth.