Why should we care what is in our Sanitary Pads?

Why should we care what is in our Sanitary Pads?


Are you conscious of what goes in your food? Do you read labels of everything that goes on or in your body? Then why do you not care about what goes in your sanitary pads?


What goes inside your tummy, the body has plenty of opportunities to get rid of toxins and chemicals and the body has many inbuilt mechanisms to identify and eliminate foreign substances but not so when we apply stuff on the skin and inside the body. The vagina is particularly porous and absorbs stuff quicker than skin. This explains why most women get urine inflammation and infection at the drop of urine….in dirty public toilets.


Undoubtedly, among anything else sanitary care products live close to genital areas the most. A typical healthy woman will bleed for 6.5 years of her life! that’s the amount of time sanitary pads live close to the reproductive organs. And we know that most sanitary pads are full of plastic, chemicals, toxins and all sorts of nasties. To add to vaginal woes, the odour suppressing agents create a more toxic environment when interacting with organic matter like blood and tissues. What effect do you reckon it would have on vaginal health? Harmful, very very harmful in the short, medium and long term.


Transparent declaration of ingredients will differentiate more harmful products from less harmful ones and also help identify naturally derived options to stand out in the market. It would empower women to make informed choices about what goes in their bodies. It would also exert pressure on manufacturers, suppliers and sellers to outdo their counterpart by offering a 'better' choice for earth and for health - which in most cases stand on the same side of the line.


See the difference of ingredients in two similar looking sanitary pads 


Conventional plastics packed, toxin leeching pads



And more natural Bamboo based healthy sanitary care pad



Women with health and skin issues have no way of finding out if their ordeal is caused by chemicals in the sanitary pads. They cannot track the symptoms with the pads they are using. It is no secret that the toxic cocktail of chemicals and plastics is carcinogenic and aggravates symptoms of many health issues like endometriosis


Then why are we not paying attention to what goes inside the sanitary pads? Why are the health authorities not mandating it? Why is the health of our girls and women always the last priority?


We at Spirit Eco-Health, go the extra mile and transparently announce what goes inside the pads loud and clear. We are so honest that we print it on each one of our packs. It is Bamboo Fibre, SAP Paper, Corn PLA, Organic Wood Pulp. Don't believe us, try it here!!

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