Organic Pads: Benefits and Reasons To Switch

Organic Pads: Benefits and Reasons To Switch

During periods, women must take care of their bodies and need to be completely hygiene failing to do so can result in rashes, vaginal irritation, yeast infections, and the risk of catching HPV and cervical cancer. As a result, keep yourself clean, wear clean and dry underwear, replace your napkins every 4-6 hours, use good quality cotton napkins for periods, and properly dispose of them. If you have been using plastic sanitary pads, it’s time to switch to the eco-friendly pads or organic cotton pads.

Reasons to Switch to Eco-Friendly Sanitary Napkins:

Natural Materials and Good Absorbent

Bamboo pulp, banana fibre, and cotton are some of the plant fibres or by-products used in organic sanitary pads, with cotton being the most common. These are used to make absorbent sanitary napkins. They're 100 percent biodegradable, feel good on the skin, breathe well, and, most importantly, don't contain any hidden hazards.

Environmental Friendly

Eco Sanitary pads are devoid of plastic and can degrade in as little as two years. Disposable sanitary napkins, on the other hand, are 90% plastic and take 800 years to degrade. Since they carry chemical, these pads also kill beneficial microorganisms when buried in soil, delaying the breakdown process.

Comfortable and Rash-Free

Cotton pads lie more gently on the skin, are quite comfortable and are extremely absorbent, preventing unwanted leaks and soiled clothing. Traditional plastic pads trap moisture, prevent our intimate areas from breathing, and serve as a breeding ground for germs and fungi, leading to rashes and skin infection.

Healthier Choice

You are choosing a chemical-free and hygienic product when you use an organic cotton sanitary pad. It's a low-cost way of life that comes with a slew of advantages. Best eco-friendly sanitary pads are 400% more absorbent than regular cotton pads, keeping you comfortable and stain-free all day.


Try using cotton pads before making a permanent shift; if you find that it makes your period easier and more pleasant, go ahead and make the switch.

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